Why you should opt for Laser Operation for Kidney Stone?

Kidney stones are hard accumulations of salts & minerals of the body in the urinary collecting system and is a prevalent problem for many individuals. Stones that are small < 5mm can often pass away on their own. Most stones remaining in the system tend to grow in size and might need surgical intervention to be removed. Nowadays, doctors are opting for laser operation for kidney stone removal due to its effective results and ease.

Laser Operation technically termed RIRS (Retrograde Intra Renal Surgery) is a process that employs a laser to remove stones from the kidney and urinary tract. The stones are fragmented by the laser. Small stone fragments are picked up by the surgeons and others pass spontaneously through the side of the stent. There is no need for incisions because the scope is passed through the voiding passage only. The doctors assess and inspect the patient and position of stone. Surgery can be required to get rid of the stone, relying on its location, type, size, nature, and other aspects. Surgery is advised in large renal stones, stone causing severe pain not responding to analgesics, stones impacted in the ureter, or kidney function is adversely impacted by the stone. Laser surgery provides the least invasive way to treat complex stone problems.

Patients are fully informed of the procedures when they go to the doctor with problems related to kidney stones. Additionally, the experts give all the essential details and directions regarding laser operation.

The following is a list of common suggestions provided to patients before surgery.

  • For those who smoke frequently, it is advised that they cease it a few days before their surgery.
  • Regular medications taken by the patient are reviewed and few medications may be withheld on the day of surgery
  • The procedure is done under general anaesthesia and minimum of 6 hours of fasting is recommended.


Benefits associated with kidney stone removal method by laser:-

  • Hard stones can be fragmented using Laser.
  • Doesn’t involve cuts or hole in the body.
  • One day hospital stay and short recovery period to get back to normal daily activities.
  • Large and small kidney stones both can be eliminated by employing the kidney stone laser treatment.
  • Stone free rates are much higher with Laser lithotripsy when compared to US-shock-wave lithotripsy.


The success rate of laser operation for kidney stone removal is 96 percent. Therefore, individuals who have kidney stones might opt for laser treatment. The World of Urology is a great place to consult if you have a kidney stone and want to get a laser procedure. The WOU-affiliated urologists and surgeons have years of experience in this sector and are highly adept at diagnosing the issue and guiding the patients.