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Choosing surgeons for robotic cancer surgery is a significant decision-make an informed decision!

If someone has been detected with cancer then depending on the location, proximity, and stage of the tumor, surgery might be the only course of action. Due to several advantages related to the technique, most patients today prefer robotic cancer surgery. You must be certain that the surgeon doing your robotic surgery is one you can trust and has sufficient experience.

Even in the field of urology, robotic-assisted surgeries for kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer have become quite popular. Find out what to look for and what to avoid when selecting the best urologist for robotic surgery.

Experience is the most important factor. There is no "magic number" of years that a surgeon must have invested in practice, but one who has conducted robotic surgery many times will be able to ease your mind. Training in robotic-assisted surgery & equipment is also advantageous. A multidisciplinary team can also assist you in receiving the best care. The surgeon you select should provide a consultation with an oncologist to explain the necessity of surgery and how it will help you in treating cancer.

Concerns not to Ignore

First and foremost, stay away from surgeons who seem to sell or push the procedures they provide. There are other treatments available for cancer. Surgery should always be considered after a proper diagnosis or when other treatments are unresponsive.

Asking the doctor about patient outcomes is always a good idea. If the surgeon is unable to respond or is uncertain, this is troubling.

Why choosing the best surgeon for robotic surgery is important

Not every surgeon can perform robotic cancer surgery successfully, especially when it comes to maintaining your long-term health and quality of life. In case of urologic cancers, the procedure must be safely carried out by the urologist while maintaining urine function and erectile function in the case of men.

Therefore, take your time and make the best decision; don''t allow the pressure of receiving a cancer diagnosis to hasten this process. Go for a second opinion to learn about all of your available treatment choices.

Additionally, keep in mind that there is a lot of inaccurate information concerning cancer out there. People, for instance, believe that cancer can cause death. But if detected early, many treatments are available. There is still time to choose the best course of action for you, which might even be to forgo therapy altogether.

World of Urology is a group of world-renowned urologists with an experience in 500 robotic surgeries. The multidisciplinary team consists of uro-oncologists, uro-gynaecologist, and andrologists for treatment and surgery of urologic cancers.